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  • Baguette lightly toasted with garlic butter

  • Creamy garlic herb mushrooms, topped with parmesan cheese served with toasted ciabatta

  • Small basket of fried squid with dipping sauce

  • Brie, blue cheese, ciabatta, crackers, gherkin, pickled onion, salami, mushroom, capsicum, olives, fruit & dipping sauces

  • Crispy bite-size fried chicken served with dipping sauce

  • Creamy broth mixed with succulent New Zealand seafood medley served with toasted ciabatta.


  • Chicken, bacon, salad, egg, croutons, parmesan cheese & Caesar dressing

  • Orange, walnut, fennel, red onion, salad & lemon mustard dressing (+fish $6)

  • Beef, capsicum, mushroom, red onion, salad, crispy noodles & Vietnamese dressing (+egg $2)


  • $10

    please ask your server for today’s flavours

  • Battered fried bites, served with caramel sauce, cream & ice cream

  • $15

    Creamy hand-made delight, with layers of vanilla ladyfingers, soaked coffee and filled with mascarpone

  • Ask your server for today’s home-made flavour served with Ice cream & cream

  • Home-made sticky pudding served with butterscotch sauce, ice cream & cream

  • Baked biscuit base, topped with rich chocolate served with ice cream & cream

  • $10

    please ask your server for today’s flavors

  • $10

    Served with your choice of Chocolate, Caramel or Strawberry sauce


  • In a tasty Thai green sauce, served with fresh ciabatta

  • Potato, carrot & chickpeas in tomato stew & couscous

  • Twice cooked rolled pork with crackle served on kumara/potato mash, vegetables slaw, apple sauce & house jus

  • 300g Stock fillet, prawns in a creamy white wine sauce, fries & salad (+egg $2 +veg $4.5)

  • $30

    Braised lamb with pan juices served with kumara/potato mash, vegetables, house jus & mint jelly

  • $15(S) $30(L)

    NZ green-lipped mussels in creamy Thai sauce & ciabatta

  • crumbed chicken, herb tomato sauce, parmesan cheese oven-baked. fries & salad (+veg $4.5)

  • Streak, fries, salad & your choice of mushroom, garlic butter, peppercorn or house jus (+egg $2 +veg $4.5)

  • steak, fries, salad & your choice of- mushroom, garlic butter, peppercorn or house jus (+egg $2 +veg $4.5)

  • Beer battered or pan-fried fish of the day, fries, salad, tartare & tomato sauce (+egg $2 +veg $4.5)

  • Bacon & mushroom, Cajan chicken or Capsicum & mushroom

+egg  – $2

+extra sauce (ask server) – $1 or $3

+vegetable – $4.5


  • Burger bun, mushroom, cheese, capsicum, red onion, tomato, salad, beetroot relish, guacamole & aioli with fries (+egg $2)

  • $20

    Sesame bun, beef, egg, cheese, bacon, red onion, beetroot, tomato, salad, BBQ & aioli with fries (+egg $2)

  • Burger bun, crispy or grilled chicken, bacon, cheese, red onion, tomato, salad, guacamole, plum & aioli with fries (+egg $2)

  • Burger bun, battered or pen-fried fish, red onion, tomato, coleslaw, salad, plum & tartare with fries (+egg $2)

Gluten-free Bun Option – $2

just ask your server

As our kitchen contains ingredients with allergies,

Please let your server know of any allergies

V – Vegetarian – vg = Vegan

GF/GFO –Gluten Free/ Option